Civil Litigation

Turner & Turner represents clients in a wide variety of commercial and business law matters involving business disputes and torts, intellectual property and breach of contract.

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At the heart of each litigation case is either a party seeking money damages or specific performance. Money damages mean the party wants to be financially compensated for some type of loss or wrongdoing. Specific performance means that one party wants the court to order the other party to do something or to refrain from doing something. Whether you seek money or a court order, our firm can help you achieve your litigation goals while trying to reduce your costs.

General Litigation

The term civil litigation refers to a dispute over a legal issue between two or more parties. A civil litigation dispute may involve one or more of a wide range of legal issues and may be in front of a judge or an administrative agency. 

Business litigation is an area of law that involves a lawsuit against a business or corporation. This type of lawsuit usually alleges the business committed some sort of wrongdoing and seeks financial redress for alleged injuries


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